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What problem is TVVIN trying to solve?

TVVIN aims to solve the problem of making real-world assets (RWAs), such as gold, more accessible and tradable by tokenising them on the blockchain. This approach seeks to increase market accessibility, transparency, and efficiency.

Please explain - in simple layman’s terms - how TVVIN works

TVVIN tokenises real-world assets such as gold, creating digital tokens that represent ownership of these assets. These tokens can be traded and managed on blockchains, offering more financial opportunities, and providing a secure and transparent way to invest in and trade these assets.

How long has TVVIN been in business?

TVVIN officially began in June 2023, it is still a start-up and the operational platform has not commenced yet.

To date $1 Million USD has been raised in a pre-seed round funded through sales of its platform utility token, $TVVIX.

What round of funding is the company currently on?

TVVIN is currently on its private sale round for the $TVVIX token as well as currently raising a Seed round for Equity.

How many people are employed by TVVIN?


Who has invested in TVVIN to date?

The Token Seed was raised from individual sophisticated investors across Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Why is the company based in Guernsey?

Our Precious Metals Supplier and partner is based out of Guernsey so it made sense to establish TVVIN there for ease of transacting with said partner. The Channel Islands is also a hub for investment firms and institutional investors who we will serve through our institutional offering.

What backing does TVVIN currently use in its cryptocurrency?

a) TVVIN uses LBMA-certified gold as the backing for the $VVG token.

b) There is no backing for the $TVVIX governance and utility token, as it is not designed or intended to be an asset-backed token.

c) $TVVIX is required for users to earn a yield on their RWA-backed tokens.

Are there any geographies where TVVIN is especially concentrating - and if so, why?

Our ambition is to serve a global audience. As a starting base and due to our extensive network and know-how, we will initially focus on the following countries and regions: The Channel Islands as well as other off-shore jurisdictions, EU/EFTA region as well as the UK and Switzerland. In addition, the other regions we have earmarked for immediate focus are the Gulf Region and Latin America. That said, we see other regions following suit in rapid succession.

What are the core benefits TVVIN provides better than its competitors?

a) Seamless Omnichain Approach: TVVIN excels in tokenising real-world assets across multiple blockchain networks, ensuring maximum liquidity and accessibility for users.

b) Enhanced Security and Regulatory Compliance: By prioritising robust security measures and strict regulatory compliance protocols, TVVIN offers a safe and trustworthy environment for asset tokenisation.

c) Inaugural RWA Token - $VVG: TVVIN's first RWA token, $VVG, are each backed by 1 gramme of LBMA-certified gold. This makes owning investor-grade gold more accessible and affordable, with the added advantage of being vaulted in the highly-desirable Channel Island jurisdiction.

d) Yield Potential: Unlike traditional gold investments, which primarily rely on value appreciation, the $VVG token presents the opportunity for holders to earn yield on their gold through the TVVIN Platform. This transforms gold from a static asset into a dynamic one, with the potential to increase both its value and the amount of gold owned.

e) AI & Metaverse: TVVIN is developing and integrating features from other emerging technologies such as AI and the Metaverse in its platform to make its user experience more engaging and, in the long-term, more akin to the experience retail audiences are used to from shopping. The aim is to make investing appealing to a much larger audience and contribute to a more equitable world economy.

f) Scalability & Choice: TVVIN is not only able to plug into multiple chains with its unique omnichain architecture, but also plans to offer a wide range of tokenised assets, becoming a one-stop shop for Real-World Assets.

Who are the company’s primary competitors?

Primary competitors would be other companies involved in the tokenisation of real-world assets. Specifically, at this point, those offering tokens backed by gold such as Paxos (PAXG), Tether Gold (XAUT), and DigixDAO (DGX).

Are there any areas where TVVIN’s competitors offer an equal or superior experience?

a) The issue with other gold token providers is that they tend to only offer tokens backed by gold and they do not offer the potential for generating yield. The other gold token providers in the market do not tend to offer a variety of tokenised assets such as TVVIN is planning to offer.

b) Competitors might offer equal or superior user experiences in areas such as established market presence as well as integrations with other financial services.

Is TVVIN designed as fiat currency?

No, TVVIN is not designed as fiat currency; TVVIN is a platform for the tokenised representation of real-world assets, like gold.

What blockchain does TVVIN use?

TVVIN utilises an omnichain approach, initially using Polkadot (Asset Hub) for the minting of both the $VVG and $TVVIX tokens. From Polkadot Asset Hub it is easy to transfer $VVG and $TVVIX tokens without bridging to EVM-compatible chains on Polkadot such as Hydration and Moonbeam. Additionally, Polkadot’s fully decentralized and trustless bridge, Snowbridge, enables easy bridging of tokens to Ethereum. In addition, we are including Cardano and others in our omnichain roll-out.

Is there a comprehensive technical whitepaper that can be read describing the company’s technical underpinnings?

Is TVVIN currently traded on any crypto exchanges?

No, the tokens and platform have not yet officially launched.

Why should people trust TVVIN?

a) People should trust TVVIN because it employs industry-leading security, including “air-gapped” minting and token management servers with secure multi-signature cryptographic measures, as well as comprehensive regulatory compliance and transparent operations to ensure the safety and reliability of its platform.

b) The tokenised gold is securely vaulted in The Channel Islands in insured and audited vaults.

c) TVVIN is run by experienced professionals with proven track records in each of their professional verticals.

How the hell DO you pronounce the company name and why is it spelt so oddly?

The company name is pronounced "Twin." It came to one of the founders in a dream and amazingly the .com domain was available. The unique spelling represents the innovative and modern approach TVVIN brings to the asset tokenisation space where the two “V’s” (VV) create a “W” and represent a mirror of each other, feeding back into the concept of 1:1 backing of RWAs where one asset becomes represented by a twin asset on-chain.

Are there any Crypto influencers that are backing TVVIN because they believe in it as opposed to being compensated?

Yes, we have the support of several influencers and to date none of the coverage we have received has been paid for. One of the influencers even decided to participate in our Seed token sale round!

Are TVVIN’s cryptocurrencies ($TVVIX, $VVG) subject to the same “halving issues” facing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

a) No, TVVIN’s cryptocurrencies are not subject to halving issues as they are not based on a Proof of Work blockchain, nor such a reward structure.

b) The $TVVIX utility token is deflationary, with a certain amount of tokens being taken out of circulation and burnt. This action is financed by part of the platform’s transactional fees.

c) The $VVG token is 1:1 backed by gold. If a token holder wants to redeem their token for fiat, crypto, or even physical gold on the TVVIN platform, they can do so, and the corresponding $VVG token is burnt.

Can TVVIN tokens be mined, like Bitcoin or Ethereum?

No, TVVIN tokens (like $VVG) are minted based on the backing of real-world assets like gold, which is based on how much value a user deposits into the TVVIN protocol and, subsequently, the gold TVVIN buys at that value.

At one point, the U.S. currency system was backed by gold, just like TVVIN tokens - do you see this ever being used as fiat currency like El Salvador chose with moving to Bitcoin?

It is possible that TVVIN tokens could be used similarly to fiat currency in certain jurisdictions, but it depends on regulatory acceptance and adoption.

Is TVVIN a consumer retail play or is it designed for banks/financial institutions?

TVVIN is designed for both consumer retail and institutional investors, offering a platform that caters to a wide range of users.

What is in it for larger banks that hold large quantities of gold? Why not just keep buying the actual gold?

For large institutions, tokenisation brings about operational and capital efficiency gains. It addresses challenges in asset transfer, such as acceptance of assets, cross-collateralisation, and counterparty risk by enabling instant settlements and programmable token ownership features. This translates to significant savings in capital efficiency, especially for institutions managing large portfolios with leverage. The enhanced transparency provided by blockchain technology also allows institutions to offer their clients a clearer view of portfolio management activities. BlackRock's Larry Fink has also highlighted the potential benefits in combating corruption through asset tokenisation, which is a common and costly concern for institutions such as banks.

Does TVVIN have any plans to move beyond gold as a backing for its tokens?

Yes, there are already concrete plans for silver, platinum and palladium backed tokens as well as ongoing explorations of other assets to add to the platform.

Is TVVIN’s Gold token considered a “Stablecoin”?

Yes. A stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency designed to maintain a stable value relative to a reference asset, typically a fiat currency such as the US dollar or a commodity like gold.

This sounds dangerously like a way to “clean” criminal proceeds or launder money - what prevents anyone from using TVVIN in just this way?

TVVIN employs stringent KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) measures to prevent the misuse of its platform for illegal activities. We also have a freeze & seize mechanism that can be activated if ordered by a reputable law enforcement agency for a legitimate reason.This mechanism is a common regulatory requirement, and is one of the protocols TVVIN uses to maintain regulatory compliance.

Why should people trust TVVIN when the company is brand-new and there have been so many “pump and dump” crypto schemes over the decades perpetrated by bad actors and scammers?

a) TVVIN focuses on transparency, regulatory compliance, and strong security measures to build trust with its users and differentiate itself from fraudulent schemes.

b) TVVIN is partnered with Ravenscroft, a regulated gold supplier and secure vault in the Channel Islands.

c) With $VVG, it is not possible to do a “pump and dump” as the tokens are 1:1 backed by Gold. As it is tied to gold, any “pump and dump” effort would require manipulation of the entire gold market, not just that of $VVG.

d) $VVG tokens can always be sold back to TVVIN through our platform for the value of LBMA-certified gold at the time of sale.

What is the meaning of the company’s name?

a) The name "TVVIN" represents the merging of traditional finance with blockchain technologies.

b) To have a “twin” of an RWA on the blockchain in the form of a tokenised asset.

How are TVVIN tokens actually generated?

a) TVVIN tokens (like $VVG) are minted based on the backing of real-world assets such as gold, ensuring that each token represents a specific amount of the underlying asset.

b) The process is highly secure using an “air gap” technology and various industry-leading security measures, where payment takes place one on one side of the gap and minting of the tokens on the other side of the gap that minimises the possibility for hacks to virtually zero.

How secure are the blockchains used by TVVIN?

Very – $VVG and $TVVIX tokens will be minted on the Polkadot Asset Hub, Polkadot’s dedicated blockchain that is permanently connected to the Polkadot network, and secured by $5B USD of value as of June 2024 (50+% of $DOT tokens are staked and used to secure the network).

How long does it take to scan the blockchain to find a particular token owner?

The time to scan the blockchain depends on the specific blockchain's architecture and network activity but is generally instant with modern blockchain technologies.

How do you buy/sell TVVIN tokens if you don’t use an Exchange?

TVVIN tokens can be bought or sold directly on the TVVIN platform, which facilitates transactions and provides a secure environment for trading. The tokens will also be listed on Exchanges for those who trade there.

What are the positive macro- and micro-economic impacts of TVVIN?

TVVIN aims to democratise access to valuable assets, increase market liquidity, and provide a more transparent and efficient way to trade real-world assets, which can positively impact both macro and micro-economic levels.

Does the company believe in supporting large asset holders over single token holders?

TVVIN aims to support all users, providing equal opportunities for both large asset holders and individual token holders to participate and benefit from its platform. However, for large purchasers/clients there will be more customer support due partly to the necessity of some manual checks when large sums are involved as well as such clients demanding a more customisable approach.

What drew TVVIN to the LATAM market in the first place?

a) TVVIN was drawn to the LATAM market primarily because several of its early investors hail from this region. Additionally, the macro financial environment in Latin America has long been challenging for hundreds of millions of people, marked by hyperinflation and uncertainty regarding the retention of personal asset value.

b) The tokenisation of real-world assets (RWAs), including precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, transforms these traditionally non-liquid assets into liquid, easily-tradable digital tokens. This innovation provides a stable store of value, offering much-needed financial security and stability to people in LATAM, helping them protect their assets from devaluation.

What are some of the future feature enhancements for the TVVIN tokens, blockchain or backend?

Future enhancements may include expanding the range of tokenised assets, improving platform scalability and security, and integrating more advanced features such as AI-driven analytics.

What kind of potential liabilities can an individual investor face when using TVVIN?

Potential liabilities for individual investors include market risks, regulatory changes, and the general risks associated with any investments.

What kind of potential liabilities can a trading investor face when using TVVIN?

Trading investors face similar risks, including market volatility, liquidity risks, and potential regulatory changes impacting the platform.

Do TVVIN tokens have any built-in expiration date?

No, TVVIN tokens do not have an expiration date.

How does TVVIN itself make money?

TVVIN makes money through transaction fees, trade margins, as well as through retaining part of the yield generated by the monetisation model for the RWA tokens.

Is the company contemplating taking on any VC funding, or will it continue to raise money through private token sales?

We are in dialogue with traditional VCs and other Investment firms regarding coming in against equity.

How does TVVIN ensure the integrity and security of its smart contracts?

TVVIN ensures the integrity and security of its smart contracts through rigorous security audits and security testing. Independent third-party auditors review the code to identify and fix vulnerabilities. Additionally, the platform employs automated testing and continuous monitoring to ensure the smart contracts function as intended.

What security protocols does TVVIN use to protect user data and assets?

TVVIN uses advanced security protocols, including multi-signature cryptography, air gap technology, and end-to-end encryption, to protect user data and assets.

What are the unique features of TVVIN's omnichain approach?

TVVIN's omnichain approach focuses on minting RWA tokens natively on all supported chains. This ensures that no bridge hacks and security breaches can affect TVVIN’s RWA tokens.

How does TVVIN plan to handle potential regulatory changes in the future?

TVVIN stays ahead of regulatory changes by actively monitoring global regulatory developments and engaging with legal experts. The platform is designed to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring that it can quickly implement necessary changes, and notify users to remain compliant with evolving regulations.

What are the advantages of using Polkadot's Asset Hub for TVVIN's token issuance?

Polkadot's Asset Hub offers all the required features for managing assets without the need to use smart contracts for token management, and high scalability, security, and interoperability, making it an ideal choice for TVVIN's

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