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Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO)

To go straight to ISPO Dashboard in order to start delegating and/or check your rewards here click below:
What is an ISPO and How Does it Work?
An ISPO, or Initial Stake Pool Offering, is a fundraising mechanism that revolutionises the funding process for crypto projects. It operates within a Proof-of-Stake (POS) network, such as the Cardano blockchain, and enables delegators to direct their staking rewards towards a project of their choice. In return, they receive project tokens, making it possible to support their favorite projects without investing personal assets. ISPOs leverage the native reward incentive structure of the network and offer a fair, inclusive, and secure approach to project funding, fundamentally reshaping how crypto projects are financed.
The founders of TVVIN were instrumental in planning, managing and leading the most successful ISPO to date, making significant contributions to the space and pioneering the concept of ISPO as a groundbreaking funding alternative. Their expertise and input have played a crucial role in introducing and popularising ISPOs as an innovative funding mechanism within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Based on our experiences we have redesigned the ISPO and created what we call ISPO 2.0 which importantly help safeguard decentralisation and empowers single Stake Pool Operators.


Launching on Cardano, we want to make sure our platform token, $TVVIX, gets into the hands of as many community members as possible.
Below are our key ISPO details👇

It’s a Win-Win with TVVIN

  • Gain early access to TVVIX tokens
  • Earn $TVVIX without needing to spend $ADA or other funds
  • Support the development of TVVIN
  • Receive additional $TVVIX and exclusive SuperNova NFTs through the Early Bird and Bonus Reward Program
  • Builds an engaged and involved community, and future user base for the platform
  • Raises funds for project development, including engineering, research and development, marketing, and legal
  • Facilitates a fair and public distribution of TVVIX tokens
  • Promotes decentralisation of $TVVIX ownership
Single Stake Pool Operators:
  • Get compensated for loss of delegation
  • Repatriation heightened due stake incentives
  • Potential increased delegation post-ISPO due to incentives
For more about the special ISPO 2.0 Model - Introducing ISPO 2.0
Cardano benefits as well:
  • ISPOs attract projects to build on Cardano, bringing innovation and liquidity to the network.
  • ISPOs have the potential of attracting new investors to the network and increasing demand for $ADA.

Fair Public Token Distribution

$TVVIX rewards are calculated based on four criteria:
  • The amount of $ADA delegated during each epoch
  • The duration of delegation (number of epochs)
  • Eligibility for Bonus Rewards
  • Pool type and delegation distribution (50% pools will earn half the $TVVIX rewards but will retain half of the $ADA generated).
The TVVIN ISPO is a fair, sustainable, and transparent distribution of $TVVIX tokens to the Cardano community, allowing them to benefit from TVVIN's early phases.