Gold Rush Incentive

Note to our readers: The information below pertains to the TVVIN ISPO, which has now successfully concluded. We retain these details for transparency and to showcase our journey to new users. Please be aware that the specifics mentioned are part of our history and the current phase involves new steps and processes following the ISPO completion.


Gold Rush Incentive for ISPO participants!

We are giving away an amazing 100,000,000 $TVVIX tokens among all participants on top of their rewards. The allocation will be based on the timing of your entry and the size of your delegation. It’s a golden opportunity you don’t want to miss out on!

But that’s not all — our Gold Rush incentive goes beyond the ordinary. We’re drawing inspiration from one of the most monumental events in the history of gold: the legendary Gold Rush of the 19th Century. Just as a supernova explosion created gold, this Gold Rush will unleash explosive economic growth. And the best part? It’s a global phenomenon, not limited to any specific region.

Prepare yourself for an even more thrilling twist. Every delegation address will be whitelisted for our exclusive Gold-Backed NFT sale! Picture owning NFTs backed by actual gold, a commodity in high demand with banks and institutions presently accumulating it at a unprecedented rate. We want to ensure that our ISPO participants also have the opportunity to secure their position in gold as early as possible.

While our Retail platform won’t be fully operational with all its functionalities until late 2024 due to licensing requirements, we’re making Gold-backed NFTs available before that. These extraordinary NFTs can later be redeemed for the TVVIN Gold token $VVG.

To seize this golden opportunity, here’s what you need to do before July 31st:*

  1. Delegate to the TVVIN ISPO and claim your share. Remember, the more you delegate and the sooner you do it, the larger your portion of the Gold Rush Incentive.

  2. Stay committed throughout the ISPO. By keeping your delegation active for the entire duration, you’ll be eligible for your proportionate share of the Gold Rush Incentive when it’s calculated and distributed at the end of the ISPO.

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