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We Unchain Real-World Assets Onchain

Empowering Investors with Real-World Assets & Real Yield

TVVIN is an accessible ecosystem that empowers investors in the Real-World Asset (RWA) Market. Through our omni-chain Platform, investors gain transparency and trust when investing into diverse assets starting with gold, silver, platinum and palladium and thereafter expanding into other asset classes. The TVVIN Platform offers access to tokenised assets in unit sizes that are affordable and made available to anyone, anywhere, democratising accessibility and providing easily tradable and liquid positions, that are instantly settled and securely recorded on-chain.

TVVIN has developed a unique model whereby digital RWA Yield Vaults offer new financial passive income potential that's able to provide advanced ways investors monetise their static assets.

The TVVIN Platform enables a more stable and secure option for market participants seeking stability, while enjoying growth opportunity simultaneously.

Own Real-World Assets & Earn Real Yield

TVVIN’s RWA Yield Vaults allow holders to digitally vault their RWA tokens, such as gold, for a specified period and earn yield. In order to vault RWA tokens, a corresponding and required amount of TVVIN's utility token, $TVVIX must also be vaulted. Upon withdrawal of the RWA tokens from the vault, this corresponding amount of $TVVIX will also be released, along with a yield paid in $TVVIX which can, if wanted, be exchanged into more RWA tokens. The yield is generated from putting the underlying assets to work using low risk financial instruments.

Legacy Meets Liquidity

TVVIN introduces TVVIN Gold ($VVG) as its inaugural RWA-backed token. The gold is investor-grade, LBMA-Certified, and securely vaulted in the highly desirable Channel Islands jurisdiction in the vaults of our financially regulated and audited precious metal partner. TVVIN also has access to other precious metals such as silver, platinum, and palladium, which will be tokenised in quick succession after launching our gold token. Other asset classes will follow, and $TVVIX token holders will have a unique opportunity to both propose and vote on onboarding new tokenisation projects through the TVVIN DAO. By integrating desired assets and creating a digital twin of these on the blockchain, TVVIN establishes a transparent and efficient environment for trading and investing in RWAs.

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