Rewards & Bonuses

Note to our readers: The information below pertains to the TVVIN ISPO, which has now successfully concluded. We retain these details for transparency and to showcase our journey to new users. Please be aware that the specifics mentioned are part of our history and the current phase involves new steps and processes following the ISPO completion.


1000 ADA Delegation = 15 TVVIX per Epoch in Base Rewards 💪


Currently you qualify for a Whitelisting for our Gold-backed NFT Sale by delegating 2500 or more ADA. Details below.

Details of previous bonuses and incentives on subsequent pages.

To take part in the exclusive Gold-Backed NFT Sale and be whitelisted, make sure to delegate a minimum of 2500 ADA for at least 5 epochs. This will open the door for you to purchase captivating Gold-backed NFTs.

The Golden TVVIN NFT Series:

  • The Cheeky TVVIN, backed by 10 grams of LBMA Certified Gold

  • The Mighty TVVIN, backed by 100 grams of LBMA Certified Gold

  • The Divine TVVIN, backed by 1 kilo of LBMA Certified Gold

The qualification process for purchasing these extraordinary NFTs is straightforward. For every 2500 ADA you delegate for 5 epochs, you’ll qualify to be able to buy one of The Cheeky TVVIN NFTs. But that’s just the beginning! Each additional 2500 ADA increment will enable you to obtain more of The Cheeky TVVIN NFTs or delegate 25,000 ADA and upgrade to the ability to buy The Mighty TVVIN NFT. Imagine the prestige of owning The Divine TVVIN NFT if you delegate 250,000 ADA!

Remember, all delegations must be active for 5 epochs during the ISPO.

The exact time for the sale’s commencement depends on regulatory approval of our Gold Prospectus. We will announce the date in good time before the sale.

Delegate today to secure your position:

TVV1N (100% TVVIX Rewards)

TVV2N (50% TVVI Rewards & 50% ADA Rewards)

*Delegation to TVV2N, our 50/50 pool are rewarded their part of the Gold Rush Incentive based on 50%

💰Claiming your TVVIX Rewards

Upon the completion of the ISPO, TVVIX tokens can be claimed through the TVVIN Platform when we have our Token Generation Event. The tokens are subject to a 12-months vesting schedule.

KYC/KYB &AML will be performed when setting up you account to claim your tokens.

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