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Real World Asset (RWA)-backed Tokens

TVVIN is a blockchain platform that enables investors to benefit from the unprecedented growth of the asset fractionalisation market by investing in liquid, tradeable tokens denominated in grammes of precious metals and other real-world assets (RWAs).

TVVIN is commencing its operations by harnessing the inherent and time-honoured value of gold bullion to create a cutting-edge digital token that can be both stored and actively traded in the derivative markets. The TVVIN gold token ($VVG) is backed 1:1 to one-gramme of LBMA-certified gold and is available for purchase on accredited and institutional as well as retail markets.

TVVIN's gold-backed token is only the beginning. The TVVIN platform has the potential to further tokenise precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as non-traditional assets like intellectual properties, real estate, royalties, collectibles, and more.

MultiRWA Token - $TVVIN

TVVIN will offer a MultiRWA token which is comprised proportionately of the multiple RWAs integrated within the TVVIN platform. This will allow investors to spread their investment across assets while holding only one type of token ($TVVIN). The multi-asset mechanism has the potential to be sub-categorised into baskets of any RWA-backed token available on the TVVIN platform.


$TVVIX is the deflationary platform-native governance and utility token. It facilitates frictionless transactions within the TVVIN platform, provides a means to delegate and earn yield in TVVIN's vaults.

TVVIX token holders who stake their tokens can also participate in governance by voting on proposals and contributing to the decision-making process that will guide the TVVIN platform.

TVVIN Digital Vaults

TVVIN's innovative solution allows token holders to lock up their RWA tokens such as $VVG into our digital vaults, where the underlying gold is then collateralised and monetised to produce a potential yield using trusted financial mechanisms. TVVIN's native token, $TVVIX, unlocks access to the TVVIN vaults and are therefore needed for this service to be utilised.

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