How to Create a Nami Wallet

Step by step guide for how to create a Nami Wallet for easy ISPO delegation.

1. Go to the official Nami Website:

The very first step will be to go to and click on the browser of preference to download the extension. For this how-to guide, we will proceed with the step-by-step guide using Google Chrome.

Clicking on the browser icon will automatically open a new tab to the Chrome web store to download the extension.

2. Add the Nami Wallet Extension to Google Chrome

Once the Chrome Web Store is open, click on Add to Chrome and follow the steps to add the Nami Wallet extension to the browser.

Click on Add extension.

After that, the Nami wallet extension has been successfully added to Google Chrome. If you are not able to find the extension directly on the toolbar, you will be able to find the Nami extension by clicking on the puzzle icon.

For faster access and a quick shortcut to the Nami Wallet, you can use the “pin icon” to pin the Nami Wallet extension. This way, it will be available on the Google Chrome toolbar.

3. Create a Nami New Wallet

After clicking the Nami Wallet, you could see two options

  • New Wallet

  • Import

This how-to guide is to create a new wallet. Alternatively, if you would like to import your Yoroi/Daedalus wallet, follow this how-to guide.

To create a new wallet, click on New Wallet. Accept the Terms of use and click the “Continue” button to forward to the next step.

4. Store your Seed Phrase

After clicking continue, Nami will provide you with your unique Seed phrase. This will be your direct access to your Nami Wallet.

⚠️ Note it down in private. You could only recover your account via your Seed Phrase. There is no alternative to this. If you lose your seed phrases, there will be no way to recover your wallet.

After storing your seed phrases in a secure place. You can check-in “I’ve store seed phrase in secured phrase” and click Next.

5. Create your Account

After noting down and verifying your seed phrase, you will then be prompted to create an account. To do so, simply fill in the desired name of the wallet and password.

After that, you can click Create.

And you're all set! You can now close this tab by clicking close.

6. How to find your Nami Wallet Address:

To find your Nami Wallet Address, you will have to open the Nami extension on your browser and click on the Receive button.

This will open a QR code and an address below. This will be the receiving Cardano Native address of your Nami wallet.

If you are facing any issues, reach out on Telegram or Discord and one of our admins can help assist you.

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